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About Perambur Kumar

Hai friends, it’s nice to meet you through this website. My real name is R.Krishna Kumar, but for online purpose I have created a nickname called .

Perambur Kumar

Perambur Kumar

In internet world, my name () getting popular day by day. In 2007, I started my online journey. First I have created a website called that website run for 4 months I received my first Google AdSense cheque with that website only. After that I have created a another site called That website not getting popular. One day I got an idea to teach Google AdSense for the people. For that I have created one page exclusively named as Google AdSense Class. What happen one day I am searching in Internet for the keywords Google AdSense Class my website is in first place. But after 10 days my website taken out of Google search index for that keywords. I don’t know the reason. So I became sad. I don’t know what to do next? How to place my website in Google Search index for the keywords Google AdSense Class once again. So I searched for the answer. I didn’t get the exact answer right away. Through so many searches and with the help of wikipedia articles on web designing. I have learned a lot,  that time I don’t know What is Web Designing, CSS, HTML, Search Engine Optimization and so on.  But slowly I know the reason for my site taken out of search results.

Yes the point is my website not search engine friendly one. I have not designed my website with the help of css and I have not optimized my website for the search engines even though my content is unique one, quality one but because of lack of knowledge in SEO my website not got indexed by Google. Since then I started learning HTML, CSS, Search Engine Optimization, Blogger, WordPress, Google Website Optimizer, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and so many things in the past two years. Another important thing with this vast knowledge I have given Google AdSense Training to more than 350 members. People from all over the world attended my training seminars. Now my adsense earnings also good.  You can also join me on Google Plus.




My Training Topics includes :

1. Web Designing in HTML, CSS, Blogger and WordPress

2. Google AdSense

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

4. Google AdWords

5. Google Webmaster Tools

6. Google Analytics

7. Google Groups Creation

8. Google Maps and submission of your business

9. Google Custom Search (inclusion of your website, indexing, refinement and so on)

10.  Youtube Video Tutorial.

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Always in your success

With Best Wishes

Perambur Kumar+

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