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eBay Affiliate Program

What is eBay?

eBay is the most common word used by many throughout the world.  Most of the people were talking about eBay and they are using eBay for a long time of period.  Anyway what does this word eBay mean.

In simple words to say eBay is a place to buy anything you need and want at comfortable prices.  A place to sell your any find of product at the flexible prices.  A place to meet and it is not a store, i.e. eBay is a place where third parties buy or sell goods at comfortable prices.  This is a place to shop all the needs and wants of you.  This is the wonderful place for shop from home throughout the world.  This is one of the good shopping shop.  eBay is a place where you can collect rare things or materials which cannot be seen anywhere with great type and price.  eBay doesn’t have any physical store.  All the buying and selling of goods transaction in the eBay are held in online itself.  This is not too expensive for buyers to join eBay, in short, it absolutely free for buyers to join eBay.  For sellers have to pay a very very little amount to list items for sale and another tiny percentage of value when the item is sold out.  There is no monthly fees or any hidden costs is there in the eBay.  eBay is genuine and perfect.

More people earn lots and lots of money in dollars by selling their products in eBay.  There is only one thing in impossible with eBay, i.e., the list of earning people more than thousand of dollars are can’t be registered.  With this eBay you can do and earn lot more and more and more.

eBay Affiliate Program

Last week I just traveled to Hyderabad with my neighbor Arun Agrata searching for a good Affiliate Program.  We have tried so many programs and nothing makes us to feel good.  Meanwhile, a customer of us introduced the eBay business and its affiliate program.  I really got surprised with this program and actually got more impressed in this program.  Well, this is the place were you can buy and sell the products with affiliate program and this costs nothing to you.  This is the great program given by the eBay.  A great thanking and wishes to eBay for giving us this wonderful eBay Affiliate Program.

Earning money with eBay is not very difficult task buy even though you have to work for it and make sure with some steps.  eBay produces you some more tools to help you for making money with eBay affiliate program.  These things cost some few value to begin and it will be replaced with a huge value in future.

eBay Affiliate Program
eBay Affiliate Program

You can also use you own website to promote your affiliate niche.  Just generate some banners or links from eBay and put it in your website.  Then the visitors who needs and want to join eBay program can come through that links and get benefits of eBay.  This is how you can use your website to promote your eBay affiliate program niche.  You can even also use some of the classifieds ad websites for your eBay affiliate program.

eBay affiliate program center gives you all the things from the RSS feeds to the Editor kid and the Product kid.  Be careful here, coz all the RSS feeds are search engine friends and the javascripts are not.  At once you build your website you need to promote this eBay program to the market.  You can create content about eBay affiliate program and post them into your site.  This helps Search Engine to find you well.

How eBay Partner Network Works?


The first process in the eBay Partner Network Program is to register yourself with eBay to enjoy the benefits from the Affiliate Program.  eBay offers more freedom to use their products to advertise with your business.  Promote eBay and earn lots and lots of money with eBay.

Apply Now
Apply Now


eBay Affiliate Program gives you all the kinds of tools to improve your business.  The only job for you to promote the eBay and to earn money with it.  eBay’s tracing system supervisors the beahovior of the visitors after clicking on your eBay links and it shows eBay your are better qualified for a very good commission with that traffic which you brings from your website to eBay.

Getting Paid from eBay

eBay has the most preferrable affiliate program on the web which pays you the commission in plenty and plenty.  The earning of your program depends on how much traffic you brings to this process.  Bring traffic more, get paid more.  Before getting paid the traffic which you brings to eBay is evaluated in the Short Term Value and Long Term Value basis.  Payment is based on the Earning Per Click (EPC) system, which may vary from one publisher to another publisher which depends on the quality of their traffic and also from program to program due to different market conditions.

Payment Method

Getting paid is very quick with the eBay Partner Network.  The payment will be reaching at your home around at 18th of each and every month.  eBay produces you two methods of payment – first you can choose direct method of payment and second through PayPal.   Both options are free and note that for PayPal you will not have to pay the regular fee for receiving money.

Well, better everyone join the eBay Affiliate Program and earn lots and lots of money in dollars!!


The most winning affiliates have their own styles by optimize their campaign on a regular basis.  Here are few tips for you you to improve you performance to earn more money with the eBay affiliate program.  The EPC earning you receive depends on the traffic which you brings to eBay.

Working of eBay Partner Network
Working of eBay Partner Network


eBay and some others present you some good tools to make money with the eBay Affiliate Program.  The tools are below:

  1. PhpBay – This PhpBay is a product which generates more links from your the WordPress to bring traffic to the eBay affiliate program.  This seems very hard at first but when you work on it for few days, you will surely get experienced and independently knows the trick of earning money with this program.
  2. RSS Feed GeneratorRSS Feed Generator is the easy of generating traffic to your website, from this you can get visitors to the eBay affiliate program.  This generator has been embedded with eBay search and allows affiliates to create feeds.
  3. Link Generator – This link generator is suitable for all sorts of business at any level which generates you to create tracing links between any eBay webpages.  This is a very great tool to increase your changing rates.
  4. Creatives – The best way to earn a lumpsum from eBay affiliate program is to advertise eBay in your website, by making banners and text about eBay.  Even eBay presents you the banners for posting in your site.  You can also promote eBay by writing posts about eBay in your website.
  5. Editor Kit – You can update your eBay performance all the time with the help of Editor Kit.  For example, if your website theme is about cars and bikes, you can add eBay listing of cars and bikes for sale on eBay.

Categories in eBay Shop

eBay Affiliate Program – If you have a unique, quality content website in any of the following 30 categories then you are eligible to join this affiliate program.

What are the categories available in eBay shop for the buyer to buy the goods and the sellers to sell their products.  There better categories are listed below:

  1. Clothing and Accessories
  2. Shoes and Footwear
  3. Auto Accessories and Parts
  4. Books and Magazines
  5. Cameras and Optics
  6. Cars and Bikes
  7. Charity
  8. Coins an Notes
  9. Collectables
  10. Consumer Electronics
  11. Fitness and Sports
  12. Fun Stuff
  13. Home, Decor and Furnishings
  14. Jewellery and Diamonds
  15. Kitchen and Home Appliances
  16. Laptops and Computer Peripherals
  17. Memory Cards, Pen Drives and HDD
  18. Mobile Accessories
  19. Mobile Phones
  20. Movies and Music
  21. Musical Instruments
  22. Perfumes, Cosmetics and Health
  23. Services and Real Estate
  24. Stamps
  25. Tools and Office Supplies
  26. Toys, Games and Baby
  27. Travel
  28. Video and Computer Games
  29. Watches
  30. Everything Else

How to Increase Traffic to Your Website and eBay Affiliate Program

This is the most important stage to promote your website and eBay affiliate program at the same time evenly.  eBay provides you banners and HTML coding to promote their product.  You can post them on your website or even you can write a content post about eBay affiliate program and use those banner and HTML codings in those posts.

The another gift to the user is the Social Networking Sites.  These are the wonderful and easy way to promote your products.  So, make clear about the social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Linkedin, Digg, Google +, Pinterest and lot more should present in your website.  With these social sites you can gain more traffic to your website and also to the eBay affiliate program.

You can also create you own You Tube videos about eBay Affiliate Program and post them on you website or elso you can paste the embedded URL of videos which are already released about the eBay products by other users.

You should promote your business from online and also offline.  Post your website advertisements in than 150 free classifieds sites, which is one of the best way to increase traffic to your site and program.  Keep on updating your website about the stuffs which you are involved in.

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