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Pinterest Tutorial

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the most famous growing Social Networking Sites.  This is one of the most important No.1 Social Networking Site.  Users can use the pinboard to plan their weddings, decorate their homes and office, and even can also their favorite recipes.  Pinterest makes our lifestyle to change in a different way with lot of funs and creative.



Here you can browse pinboards created by other users and you can also share other users pinboards and can even comment and enjoy a lot in Pinterest.  To get start with a new entertainment source, join the Pinterest to get more fun and stuffs.

Join Now

What is Pin?

A pin is a photo or image, which is added to Pinterest.  A pin can be added by the user from other sites by pressing the Pin It Button, else you can upload photos from your own computer.  Each and every pin has a link back to the site from where it came.



What is Board?

A board is made up of set of Pins.  A board can be created with any topics such as funs, humor, recipes, decorates, wish list, etc.  You can add many pins to the board as you wish.

Pin Board

Pin Board

What you can do with Pinterest?

Home Decorations

You can decorate you home with new look and lot of stuffs.  This is the easy way to decorate everything as you wish.

Plan your Wedding

Even you can plan about you wedding details with your friends and colleagues and neighbors.  They can leave comment and chat on your Pinboards.

Creating Style

You can also create you own style of pins in Pinterest by updating your day-to-day process in the Pinboards in your style.

Save your Inspirations

You can save your inspirations of other users or any other sites for using it in the future for reference and can be shared with other users.

Share and Save Recipes

You can even share you recipes secrets to other users.  You can save other users recipes tips and comment and do lot more with the recipes.



Mission of Pinterest

The great mission of Pinterest is to connect the people with the things and thoughts as they wish.  Some things which cannot be changed can be inter-related with two peoples of any corners of the world.  Pinterest is connecting people throughout the world bases on their shared tastes, thoughts and interests.

How to Sign up for Pinterest?

This is currently available only in sending Invites.  You can send invite to Pinterest for adding yourself to it or your friends or neighbors who are already in Pinterest can invite you.  When you receive an invite, you can login or register yourself with your Facebook or Twitter account also.

Sign Up


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