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How to Add Videos to Website

How to Add Videos to Website – It’s easy to add videos to your website from Youtube. Select the Video – Copy embed code and paste it on your HTML editor. That’s it

Mytube Media

Mytube Media

There are websites saying you can add any video to your website or webpage it’s important to understand it’s take lot of space and bandwidth and they also recommend to get more space and bandwidth from your web host. You have to create a separate holder for this and name it as “video” and you should download video streaming software and upload via ftp to help video running, finally¬† you have to write so many codes “Embedding the Video” otherwise videos will display differently in each browser.

According to me the above paragraph is total waste of time. Better go to Youtube and select the video you like and post it on your website.

If you upload your own videos on Youtube. In future you can also monetize your videos with Google AdSense and there is huge possibility if your videos getting more popular then you can be invited to join Youtube Partner Program. So this is the huge benefit not only you are getting visitors to your videos but also make money with your videos.

Your website also getting lot of attraction by placing Youtube Videos on your site.

How to Embed a Youtube Video

In order to embed a video into your website or blog. Please follow the below instructions carefully.

1. Click the Share Button located below the video

2. Click the Embed Button.

3. Copy the code provided in the expanded box.

4. Paste that code into your HTML editor section of your website.

How to Add Videos to Website

How to Add Videos to Website

You may also customize your own embeddable player by clicking the embed code. When you click the embed code the space below it will expand and show the options which are:

1. Include Related Videos

2. Enable Privacy Enhanced Mode

3.  Use HTTPS

4. Use Old Embed Code

Five sizes of embed code available for video. 425×315, 480×360, 640×480, 960×720 and finally you can choose your own size in Custom Size Box. You can your own width and height of the video which perfectly matches your webpage.

You can place Youtube videos on your post page, pages and even in sidebars.

If you have a static website then you can place videos in between the content or at the side bar or you can place Youtube video on your content as well as on your website sidebar. But one thing you should remember while doing this. You must have atleast 1000 pixels width template to do this. Right Sidebar with atleast 300 pixels (if your template is three column template) and Right sidebar is 336 pixels width (if your website is two column template). Videos performing well while you place videos in between the content or two paragraphs. Videos placing in sidebar get more attraction than any other place in the webpage. Always put one latest video or most viewed video on your right sidebar so that the video getting more and more popularity and because of that your website getting huge traffic.

Upload your videos now on Youtube

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